Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Short note on federal response

This article posted yesterday on the New York Times website provides a good overview of the lackluster federal response to the foreclosure crisis and the confusion surrounding the process of reigning in bank foreclosures.

Foreclosure Aid Fell Short, and Is Fading

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  1. You know, it's very frustrating to know that there are people still expecting the government to bail them out.

    I'll tell you this. People should not be buying or owning things that they could not afford like a classy car, big dream houses, and etc. If you no longer can afford the house, then repossession will/should happen.

    Plus, think about this when we pour our tax money to PAY OFF other people's mortgages (their big dream houses) at the times when they are too lazy to handle their business. Don't get me wrong. I like to help people but then again, we want to know where our tax money is going.