Friday, June 3, 2011

Learning from slums

The world's slums are overcrowded, unhealthy - and increasingly seen as resourceful communities that can offer lessons to modern cities.

The article uses the example of Dharavi in Mumbai which was filmed in the Oscar winning movie "Slum Dog Millionaire". What do u think of this article?

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  1. This is an incredibly interesting article. These people are really re conceptualizing how to see slum environments. So many of the things that typically are seen as negative about slums...using bad housing material, being crowded, living where you work...are being celebrated for their sustainability and utility.

    Obviously there are huge problems of poverty that need to be addressed regarding slums, but change and modernization/ increase of wealth does not need to follow the traditional path that has been established. Retaining the recycled building materials, walkability and multi-functional/ maximized use of space are all great things to keep.