Friday, October 28, 2011

Money Trouble
This article unfortunately represents the hard times that are ahead of us. The financial crisis that we faced and are still trying to recover from has left the economy in the worst condition its been in for a while. From the housing crisis to the under performing stock market the U.S. economy is going through a lot, but one step at a time the economy can change.


  1. In sum, the oil crash and the housing crisis has brought the American economy down. Spending vs Saving is a big debate right now. Saving, not even investing, would show that people don't trust the economy anymore. At the same time, how is the economy supposed to recover without money flow within the country? Are people waiting for foreigners to fix this problem? Or perhaps the governments money distribution alone could save the American economy...... I doubt that. As easy as it is to predict the obvious downturn of the economy, people need to learn basic macro policies and figure out what would be the best action to take in this situation.

  2. I agree with Samuel, it's time to solve our differences and figure out a policy that will help us in the future. All sides are going to have to make sacrifices but it is necessary for our future as Americans