Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fighting For Our Homes

I stumbled onto this site and found it interesting. It has a large amount of first hand experiences from people who just wanted to live the american dream but hit a few snags along the way.


  1. This makes me want to question again, who's fault is it? I know that nobody intentionally brought the economical down turn, but it is not acceptable for companies to openly lie about their statements to customers based on their own profit. I know this is business, and we're not supposed to think about what happens on the other end. However, this topic raises some moralistic questions to those who decided to take advantage of the lower (and middle) class citizens.

  2. We always want there to be an easy answer and an easy blame. This is not the case. In each case it seems like we could either make it circumstantial or situational. By this I mean that some people just have really bad luck and it isn't always their "fault" that they can't make their payments. Other times people run into issues where investors trick people into buying homes that they may not be able to afford in the long run. It's hard to understand why there is no answer or quick solution to this problem when we just want an easy finger to point at someone and blame. This is not the case here in this major crisis.