Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Benton Harbor Similarities with Major League Baseball? MLB Takes Over Dodgers


MLB Commissioner Bud Selig took the extraordinary step of saying Major League Baseball was taking over operations of one of America's most famous teams, the one that integrated the national pastime, broke Brooklyn's heart and paved the way for coast-to-coast expansion. The takeover is possibly a prelude to Selig forcing a sale of the franchise.

While there are some clear differences (Dodger owner Frank McCourt's divorce and debate over whether he or his wife owned the team) over the motives for this takeover and the state government takeover of Benton Harbor, there are also some striking similarities. Benton Harbor is being taken over by the government in a way that is not entirely unlike this takeover of the Los Angeles Dodgers. What do you make of this situation in the MLB and the situation in Benton Harbor?


  1. This is kind of ironic! I think in both cases, takeovers weren't the first or best option, but they also seem like those that have the most potential to change things for the better. Something radical has to happen to get certain places/people back on their feet, and this seems like a viable answer.

  2. To be fair, MLB is a private organization and the Dodger's management's personal issues (a vicious divorce that was splashed all over the tabloids and directly affecting the running of the team) were genuinely impacting the club and the overall league in a very negative way.

    It was a little bit of a strong arm move by Selig but a team isn't just a thing you own, it belongs to the league and the fans as well, and if you mismanage it that badly...

  3. Takeover generally brings money to the sport's team and they have enough time to re-build the team. But in case of Benton Harbor, neither it has money nor there is a single politician who have power for a long period of time to bring a change.