Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Michigan House Budget


The House passed a state budget Wednesday -- minus education spending -- that cuts $1.4 billion from general fund spending, $165 million less than Gov. Rick Snyder sought.
Where is this $165 million going to come from? Cops, aid to the poor, and the arts.
What do you make of this, and where would you take the $165 million from?


  1. These cuts suck. But in light of the discussion we're having right now (the emergency financial manager debate), it seems impossible to have a state that can create economic benefits for anyone if you don't try to balance its budget. There's no simple solution to creating a stable economy that benefits everyone.

  2. This is really sad. Cuts to public safety, the public library, city employees, community center, etc. All of these things are what make a community a desirable place to live, and they're being severely or even completely cut from the city's budget. And yet the city manager only takes a 5% pay cut, from $140,000 to 133,000...

  3. Kelsey is right. It's really sad for me and the people that I know at Kalamazoo Public Schools... A lot of people are clinging on their jobs b/c they have to feed their families.

  4. I cannot agree with cuts to public schools, no matter how dire the financial situation of the state. Numerous economic studies have shown that better education leads to higher productivity and prosperity in a society. These cuts will only come back to harm Michigan in the future, when it finds itself unable to field a competent workforce in a global economy.

  5. This is really sad. I just can't pronounce these cuts to be unfair because as the article mentions, the state has been spending beyond what it could afford. I maybe met with much criticism but I feel that Michigan will be fine even with arts and education cuts. After all, there are so many schools who manage to produce amazing students with very little funds. For instance, low budget schools without state of the art technology will not really hinder the potential of the really interested and enthusiastic children as they will study nonetheless cause their interest is intrinsic. However I don't know how the impoverished families would fare if they were to be deprived of welfare benefits. Similarly, there would be others drawbacks like increase in domestic violence as they no longer offer protection/prevention programs for the same due to a lack of funds.