Thursday, May 19, 2011

United States Dependence on Oil

This an interesting article from the Unites States Energy Information Administration regarding the country's dependence on foreign oil.


  1. That link isn't working for me? In general though, I feel like our dependence on foreign oil, especially from the middle east, is such an unspoken problem in this country. We tend to talk about politics and policy, especially in regards to some dictatorships and countries with less than stellar human rights records, as if those are happening in a vacuum. I rarely see an acknowledgment of the fact that we often support dictators and despots out of simple necessity- we need their oil. Morality and policy take a back seat to the need for the energy source our whole country runs on.

  2. We are quite oil dependent. I am not surprised by these numbers however. The U.S should look into investing heavily into alternative energy. It is more environmentally friendly and creates the potential for more jobs.

  3. If I am not wrong the link is

  4. "Although we are the third largest crude oil producer, about half of the petroleum we use is imported"
    It is interesting that the US keeps on losing its manufacturing sector jobs and still consumes so much oil. We really need to find alternative energy to curb our oil consumption .
    @Alex LLoyd-Evan I was wondering if u could tell me why dependence on Middle East for oil is a problem. I am sorry I really don't know anything about it and would love to know.