Tuesday, May 10, 2011

How Hard the Crisis Hit the Commercial Real Estate Market

Though we have slightly touched on how the financial crisis has affected the commercial real estate market, we have mainly been focusing on residential property. The article below provided a helpful graph on commercial real estate delinquency rates in resent years. In my opinion, when it comes to rebuilding cites I believe that having commercial property will being people to the city by providing job. I encourage you all to read the article and give your own option on the importance of commercial property in urban cities.



  1. Agreed about the need for jobs, people won't stay if there's no more work and no more commercial center, regardless of what's happening with their own home. It is a balance though, commercial and residential properties both need to be protected to keep a community healthy

  2. I also agree about the need for jobs, however with big cities, the price of property is just too high for some commercial business owners. I do agree however that commercial property is very important to urban cities and that it is very attractive for a home owner to know that there is a commercial property near their home.