Thursday, September 22, 2011

Camparing past and present

I say that they are comparable in the sense that the "American Dream" has changed. They worked their butt off as you said to get what they wanted. Those things, for the most part, they seemed to get but those same things today for our genereation we take for granted and even beyond. Everyone has cell phones now a days for instance which wasn't even a thought for our past genereations. For us, our "American Dream" is so much more than of our past generations so I think its fair to say that the American Dream has changed which is what makes them comparable. The next generation's dream will be different too as technology keeps advancing.

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  1. I agree, technological advances have huge impacts on the American dream. From generation to generation the advances in technology have made it so Americans have become less hard working to achieve the dream and the overall goal of the American dream has been changing. If it used to be the idea of a white picket fence house and living comfortably, now it is a mansion or two plus vacation homes with luxurious cars and high tech house hold features.