Thursday, September 29, 2011

Interesting sights on our Tour De K

today on our Tour De K experience we went to the north east side of Kalamazoo to the streets of Shasta, Cammaron, and Saville. once we were there we all got out of our cars and began to walk around the communities, we split up to go down different roads to get different houses. it was a very interesting neighborhood to me, one house/yard would be very well kept and seemed brand new and then the next house down would be vacant and run down. this was very interesting to me, one side of the street would look like a whole different world and time than the other which just seemed weird to me. i came across a condemned house along with many for sale and some foreclosed houses with papers posted on the windows and doors. the thing that stuck out to me was that only a few houses seemed like they kept up on their yards and lawns and some looked like they hadn't seen a lawnmower in years. it was a very interesting and eye-opening experience on today's trip to north east Kalamazoo and to experience a different community other than my own.

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  1. This experience seemed very similar to mine. I couldn't believe the lack of effort some people put into maintaining their yards or even the appearance of their houses.