Friday, September 30, 2011

Not Just a College Town

Our exploration into the surrounding neighborhoods proves that we are not just Kalamazoo College and Western Michigan. There are many struggling families that may or may not make it out of this recession without having their house condemned... many already have. We are so engrossed in our classes and campus-wide drama and practices of many sorts but we forget sometimes the devastation brought about by the housing market crash and the other economic issues. It has hit frighteningly close to home but until yesterday has felt a million miles away.

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  1. I agree completely with this post. It is so easy to get so use to being in the "K bubble" that it is hard to think of what is going on outside of K College. There are a lot of struggling people in Kalamazoo that we do not even think about. People are losing their houses every day and being foreclosed upon every single day. It made me realize that there are a lot more people struggling then we even realize