Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Detroit will run out of money in April

The article I read is about how Detroit is running out of money. Tomorrow Mayor Bing will address the financial crisis and what needs to be done to save the city. No department is safe from cuts. including the police department (although public safety is still the city's top priority). The highest costs the city has is health care costs and when combined with the decline of property taxes this equals a disaster.....


  1. ... its really scary to see how real this crash is and the effect it has on our lives. hopefully Detroit and other cities will be able to pull through. there will definitely be a new "geography" by the end of this

  2. wow, there really isn't time to be complaining about the salary cuts for the public school teachers when the whole city's facing a potential closure! Seeing actual numbers facilitates me to understand the severity of the situation. Hire an emergency city manager?? Prof. McKinney already make it clear that it's really easy to be certified as one... so I can't see them solving issues that the rest of the populations is struggling upon... wow