Thursday, November 10, 2011

Gov. Snyder

After looking into Gov. Snyder's plan to bring Michigan back, I can't really say that I would be doing a better job. Granted, I feel it is less democratic but at the same time, someone needs to step up and make everyone make the sacrafices needed because we can not keep going the way we are going or else we will end up like cities that are already down like Flint, Detroit or Kalamazoo. I do give props to Rick for making the cities make sacrafices and hopefully get the state going in the right direction needed.


  1. We can only hope for positive results. Everyone wants to see Michigan take a turn in the right direction and I have no problem with people doing what it takes to get there. I am tired of hearing about how poorly Michigans economy ranks in the nation and how many problems we have.

  2. Lumping up all the comities sounds like a good idea, it would reduce time spent trying to make decision but it could also lead to loss of focus since some much is looked at by the same people.

  3. This is well said, it is difficult to see so many people bashing him with baseless arguments. In times like these risk is going to be necessary to attain the award that we all have been so eagerly awaiting. I hope that these new Chrysler ad campaigns, and the movie industry utilizing our state can help some, and then we need to trust Rick to get us out.