Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Going Green in AZ

Here's an article from an Arizona newspaper that explains how local governments are working to promote green buildings that are "beyond code". Cities like these understand the problems that are in front of them and are being proactive in their efforts to reduce energy consumption and use water more efficiently.


  1. Anyway the government can help their cities or country save money, its a great idea. On top of that, it also helps out he environment. We can start to not only save money, but energy as well. Our waste would be decreased as well. Trying something new to help this city in Arizona might be the start of something big that the whole country might use one day in new buildings built.

  2. I think reducing energy consumption and improving environmental quality is key to help stimulate our economy. Electricity is made by burning fossil fuels which release harmful substances into our air; by reducing our energy consumption there will be less of that harmful substance to be released. That is why solar energy is so important. With cleaner air there will be less health problems associated with a polluted environment, and therefore more healthy individuals who can contribute to the economy (by being employed or creating businesses to employ others).