Thursday, November 17, 2011

whats next?

this class has presented us with many of the challenges we face today and will have to face in the future. the current decisions being made by local governments are often heartbreaking and seem brutal. but what has been shown is that often these horrible changes are needed if cities wish to remain a float. what are we whiling to give up and what will need to change?  it is clear that we will need to address these questions and soon... i only hope that our futures, those of my generation, wont be to stunted.

but i do believe there is hope, like Paul Romer said "a crisis is a terrible thing to waste”. hopefully we can learn from the past and use this crisis to rebuild a better America. 


  1. I believe that one of America's strongest characteristics is to pick a problem and attack it with unity to a point that the issue would not be repeated in the future. Every time America breaks, it comes back stronger. So if the Americans started to focus on these issues a lot more, they will make a faster progress and will be able to come over it. Did that make sense?

  2. Even though government may make decisions that seem negative and may not have a positive impact on our economy, we ourselves must be optimistic. Control what we can control... We will drive ourselves to insanity if we do not have a positive outlook on the future.