Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Downtown Kalamazoo, student friendly?

I believe that downtown Kalamazoo and the surrounding areas are more lively and friendly than other cities that I've been to but it could still get better. making it more student friendly and inviting could change it in a good way. I mean there are hundreds of thousands of students in this area, why not make it the place to be at night for us college students? I have only been here for over a year and I've been downtown a few time and I like it but I feel like there isn't a whole lot to do down there sometimes besides eat at some very nice restaurants. Maybe its just me and I need to spend some more time down there and explore.


  1. There is no shortage of restaurants and bars, if not in the actual downtown district, then pretty close. I understand if we look at music. There are not many live music venues, and the ones that are around Kalamazoo do not have a reputation for drawing in popular acts (Miller Auditorium does have good shows every now and then, but Western students get first dibs). Although this could draw attention and attract people and their money to the city, the biggest competition is Grand Rapids. Grand Rapids has a great track record of not only booking acts at Van Andel Arena, but also other smaller venues around the city. It is tough competition, but I do not advise getting depressed over it and utilizing the many watering holes around Kalamazoo. Never a good idea...

  2. There are a few bars and restaurants downtown but for being a college town, it is very spread out. In towns such as East Lansing with Michigan State and Ann Arbor with University of Michigan, everything is by the universities and set up as student friendly. The biggest complaint I have with the City of Kalamazoo is that there are not enough bars and nightlife within walking distance of each other.