Thursday, November 10, 2011

Live Midtown

This is a program being established in downtown Detroit to encourage people to live in the city instead of commuting from a suburban area. They will be giving a year long incentive of $2,500 for new renters downtown and then $1,000 for the second year. They will also be rewarding people to extend their lease by giving them the $1,000 fir a year long extension of contract. This seems to be a great idea. It will encourage younger people to move downtown, which will strengthen the community as a whole. I know recently i went downtown and saw some great new looking apartments and condos right by Tigers stadium and Ford field which is a relatively nice and quickly growing area. I am excited to see how well this project works, it is an excellent opportunity for college students in Detroit or young professionals who are working in the city.


  1. Hopefully Detroit will be able to strengthen their police force to help assure the safety of young potential renters. I know a few people that go to Wayne State University, and they have shared some pretty disturbing stories. It should be interesting to see what happens because most young people, whether they grew up around the city or in other states, will have to change their negative perceptions of Detroit. Also, hopefully there will be jobs available that can help renters to consider living downtown in the first place.

  2. I agree with what Robby said about the police. The only way to entice people to live in the city is to make them feel safe. The problem with this is that you need money to strengthen the police force. The city cannot get more police officers unless more people get there and more people will not come without the police.